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"More than 30 babies are delivered each month before reaching the hospital, or before the midwife can get to
mom’s side, and that’s just the number of emergency births that are reported to the media.  According to the CDC,
the number of babies being born outside of hospitals, birthing centers or homes -- and who are being delivered
by dads, grandparents or other untrained personnel -- has increased 20% since 2009.  Yet people are rarely
trained in basic childbirth procedures due to the misconception that “en route” deliveries rarely occur."
                                  .     .     .     .     .

After being surprised by a 27-minute labor with her second pregnancy, Jennifer Slater
realized a few mistakes she made that morning almost cost her baby his life, so she began
researching basic childbirth procedures so that she could share this important information
with others.

In addition to easy-to-understand
steps that show someone with no medical experience how
to safely deliver a baby, she shares the story of  her own “fun ride” to the hospital as well as
interviews with other parents (or unsuspecting drivers) who unexpectedly had to deliver a
baby “
en route.”

Ms. Slater has been interviewed by
The Today Show, Disney’s blog babble, Fit Pregnancy,
Lamaze International.  In addition to public speaking and presentations, Jennifer trains  
private groups, law enforcement personnel, university faculty, and has even appeared at a
few baby showers!   

                                   .     .     .     .     .

             All copies of En Route Baby purchased through this site include a FREE
laminated (5½ x 8½") card with a “cheat sheet” for delivering a baby in
emergency situation, and Infant CPR instructions on the back.  

information for
who unexpectedly
has to deliver a

specialty high-risk