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the jeep where her son was born...
Her "en route baby" today!
About the Author

After having to deliver her own baby in the back of their jeep as her husband raced
them down the highway to the ER, Jennifer Slater realized a few mistakes she made
that morning almost cost her son his life, so she began researching childbirth
procedures and how to handle any complications so that she could share with others
what they need to know in case they too ever have to act as midwife until help arrives.

In addition to speaking events and presentations, Jennifer teaches emergency
childbirth procedures to private groups, including law enforcement personnel, and
has been credited for introducing the concept of being prepared for unusually fast
childbirth and the health of newborns who've opted for a surprise entrance.

Originally from Chicago, Jennifer currently lives in the Boston area where she enjoys
inspiring others through her writing and speaking engagements.  In addition to
renovating old houses, she's a die-hard Cubs fan, an overprotective mother, and
loves anything New England.
Jennifer and her "en route" baby