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2014 Awareness Campaign

En Route Baby has developed an awareness campaign that allows us to offer free speaking engagements throughout the year and helps
us get information into as many obstetricians' offices and maternity wards as we can reach.  The purpose of this campaign is to help people
realize how often "en route" deliveries actually occur, and to share with them the few steps necessary to keep a baby safe should they
experience an extremely fast labor and have to assist in the birth before medical assistance is available.

Babies who arrive this quickly are typically born without complication, however what we do in the first minutes of their life is
what can make a difference.

We hope you will be part of this great campaign and help us make an impact toward infant mortality.  

                                                         Thank you for helping us
to keep these sneaky little babies safe!

 "Combining our strengths to make a difference."